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Top 5 podcast episodes of 2020

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

Podcasting isn’t slowing down in 2020. Podcast newcomers such as celebrities like Mel Giedroyc have launched through Podcast publisher Somethin’ Else. Joe Media have also been focusing on their sports podcasts with the new season of their boxing and combat sports podcast TKO. The podcast landscape as a whole has got something for all.

Which brings me on to this list. We're only a couple months in but nevertheless, here is my personal top 5 podcast episodes of 2020.

Sometimes recommending a whole podcast isn’t good enough, so hopefully these episodes will wet listening to your appetite for more from these great podcasters.


Ep 9: Welcome to 2020 - Planet Vegan?

Earthling Ed - The Disclosure Podcast - Feb 4th, 2020

Okay so you’re not vegan, why do you need to listen to this? Ed Winters (Earthling Ed) is a vegan activist and speaker promoting animal rights. Sounds preachy, moving on to my number 4 episode? No. Keep reading.

In this solo episode Ed articulately talks through the leaps that the vegan movement has seen through 2019 and landing into every vegan’s favourite month, January (Veganuary). Ed speaks with a lot of empathy but why I would recommend this for a non-vegan is Ed also speaks with a strong philosophical and sociological approach to present his arguments and evidence on where veganism is today in 2020. Taking away the spin and green wash, it's great to hear from an important voice in veganism movement what his take is on it all.


389- Whomst Among Us Has Let The Dogs Out

99% Invisible - Feb 12, 2020

99% Invisible presented by the silky tones of creator Roman Mars is a podcast about all the things we don’t think about, which makes each episode an eye opening experience.

Feb 12th their episode Whomst Among Us Has Let The Dogs Out they discuss as you might suspect, the song Who Let The Dogs Out by The Baha Men. But is it by them? Without giving away any spoilers, no it’s not. The variations that catchy chorus has travelled through at least the last three decades is definitely something you wouldn’t normally ever think about, but once you hear this episode you might never trust any music ever again…


Ep 45: Katherine Ryan

Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster - Feb 12, 2020

Off Menu is always on the top of my priority listening whenever a new episode drops. Ed’s sensible approach paired with James’s nonsensical madness is always a recipe for chaos, or at least, plenty of laughs.

Their recent guest, Katherine Ryan did not disappoint either. Especially when the episode takes a turn in a weird direction when Katherine pointed out she’s never had bread or will eat anything remotely bready (pizza, doughnuts, croissants) which caused the kind of scene you want to hear in a episode of Off Menu.


The Phone and Swearing Ban in Sam Smith’s Pubs

Rob Mulholland Has An Opinion - Jan 8, 2020

Stand up comedian Rob Mulholland has his weekly rant about a hot topic of the week on his podcast. Each episode is usually around 10 mins so always great to dip into between longer podcasts.

In this fiery expletive rant Rob explains how much he loathes Samuel Smith’s owner Humphrey Smith and his authoritarian rules of his pubs, aforementioned in the episode title his sweating ban and use of technology in their pubs. As someone who has been to a lot of Sam Smith's pubs and enjoyed their great value beer, these kind of rules does make the atmosphere very tense in their pubs and Rob’s rant pretty much vocalises that.

It is a comedy podcast but also not for the light hearted. Very much for those who are fans of of Frankie Boyle, but like Frankie, Rob presents his points bluntly with a foundation of truth but ultimately form a good place.


Michael Cashman

Ep 311 - Distraction Pieces Podcast with Scroobius Pip - Feb 12, 2020

Distraction Pieces Podcast is a weekly conversation between Scroobius Pip and a huge range of fantastic guests. Without doubt one of my favourite podcasts based on the strength of the guests alone, not to mention the humbling and relaxed approach Scroobius Pip brings to the conversation.

This episode with Baron Michael Cashman CBE is also no exception. For those of you who don’t know Michael, he was the founder of the LGBT charity Stonewall (with Ian McKellen), former actor best known for his role as Colin from Eastenders, the societal challenges of growing up as a homosexual man in very different times, and also they discuss Michael’s move into politics as a Member of European Parliament.

I went into this episode with next to no knowledge on Michael, and now huge admiration for him, all he went through and achieved in his life so far.

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